Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

466 Hamilton Road
London, ON N5Z1R9



Hamilton Road Animal Hospital London Ontario provide spay /neuter services for dog and cat friends   7 days a week . Spaying or neutering your pet helps reduce the number of unwanted pets, and it provides long term health benefits to your dog or cat. In females, it helps to prevent breast cancer , uterine infections, and complications from difficult pregnancies. In males, it prevents testicular cancer and infections and other diseases. We remove surgically the ovaries , fallopian tubes and, the uterus .Spaying eliminates your pet all heat cycles and the accompanying unwanted bleeding, nervousness and the desire to mate. In  neutering, we remove their testicles surgically. We recommend spaying and neutering your pets as early as 4 months of age. Please call us on 519-601-7550 if you have any questions.


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